Members’ Professional Development Grants

What are Members’ Professional Development Grants?

Members’ Professional Development Grants are a concrete way the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia assists colleagues to undertake special studies or projects related to education. $30,000 is allocated in each biennial budget to support this scheme. The maximum grant is $2,500 per application. Applications for funds close on the 30th September of the year prior to the year in which the member proposes to undertake the special study/project/conference.

How can Members’ Professional Development Grants Help?

Members’ Professional Development Grants will allocate monies, depending on the number of applications at the closing date, to an IPSHA member to assist with travel, accommodation and/or other reasonable expenses when a member undertakes a special study or project or attends a conference, other than APPA Conferences. Members’ Professional Development Grants monies are paid to the member, not to their school.

Who makes up the Members’ Professional Development Grants Committee?

The following IPSHA members make up the Members’ Professional Development Grants Committee:

  • Federal President-Elect (Committee Chair)
  • Federal President
  • State Representative of Members’ Professional Development Grants applicant


How do you apply for a Members’ Professional Development Grant?

To apply for a Member’s Professional Development Grant, simply download the application form. When you have completed the form, return it to the Chair and he/she will discuss your proposal with the Committee members. If approved, costs are reimbursed upon production of appropriate receipts.

Assessment of Applications

In assessing applications for Member’s Professional Development Grant monies the Committee uses a number of criteria which include:

  • length of IPSHA membership;
  • contribution by the member to IPSHA activities;
  • the applicant having received a Member’s Professional Development Grant previously;
  • the major purpose of the study/project/conference;
  • any support the applicant might be receiving from their school community; and
  • how the study/project/conference will benefit the applicant and their school.


What is the Follow-up?

Within six months of the proposed study, the applicant agrees to provide to the Board, through the Chairman of the Members’ Professional Development Grants , a written report containing observations related to the study/project/conference, which will be published on The Association’s website and a summary published in The Association’s principal journal. The applicant may also be asked to present a short report to members at a Branch meeting.

Download the Members’ Professional Development Grant Application form.