2016 JDRF Presentation

2016 JDRF Presentation

On 12 September, 2016 we had the pleasure of presenting representatives from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) a cheque in the amount of $137,862.10.

This incredible amount was raised by IPSHA schools around Australia that held walkathons as part of our 2014-2016 fundraising program, “Walk Around the World for JDRF”.  Students from Knox Grammar School, Presbyterian Ladies’ College-Sydney, St Catherine’s School and St Spyridon College were invited to the presentation to talk about their school walkathon, and to also share their new found knowledge of Juvenile Diabetes and how the money raised would help children suffering from this disease.

The reasoning behind choosing JDRF as an organisation in which to fundraise during the 2014-2016 biennium was that it was felt there was a need to develop a program where a double action was in place – a program that would not only interest the students personally, but would also offer them direct benefits to their wellbeing. Importantly, it would serve to raise their awareness of Juvenile Diabetes, and indirectly benefit them by supporting a charity that relates to the wellbeing of children as a whole – an organisation such as JDRF.

During 2016, this fundraising program took the form of a Walkathon Event and the total amount of kilometres that were collectively walked by all participating IPSHA schools can be seen on our fundraising website where we have tracked just how far around the world we, as an association, have walked.

Some schools varied the theme and raised money by holding events such as a school social, a playground pedometer challenge and a Spelling Bee.  Several WA schools also donated at their annual IPSHA Ecumenical Service. JDRF representatives, Scott and Laura, who attended the presentation and accepted our cheque from outgoing Federal President, Deb Dalwood, were most grateful for our fundraising efforts and Scott explained to the audience, which included incoming and outgoing Federal Board Members, how our donation would be used to help conquer this disease, as well as support those families that are affected.

A plaque was presented to Deb in appreciation of our fundraising efforts, and this plaque will make its way around Australia for each State President to share with their members at upcoming branch meetings.

A big thank you to all of the schools around Australia that participated in this event.

Students from Carmel School (WA) who participated in their School Walkathon, along with school leaders (March 2016)


Students from Abbotsleigh, NSW, participating in their Walkathon (March 2016)


Year 6 boys from Knox Grammar (NSW) crossing the finishing line.


Students from Trinity Lutheran College in Queensland enjoying their Walkathon.