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IPSHA membership enquiries

Members of Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) are Heads of Junior or Preparatory Schools responsible for the day to day management of their school. Membership of IPSHA has also been extended to Heads of Middle Schools in recent years.

A member’s school will necessarily:

  • have a majority of pupils in age from five to fourteen years; and
  • be a fully independent school.


Membership of IPSHA is by invitation and it is expected that the prospective member:

  • should be supported financially by his or her school with regards to membership, meetings and PD costs;
  • is able to attend Branch meetings and conferences regularly;
  • is of good character and holds appropriate academic qualifications; and
  • would support the goals and objectives of the Association.


In situations where a school’s enrolment in the age group 5 – 14 is so structured as to create one or more schools, all of which have Heads of equal status, then all such Heads are eligible for membership.

Each State Branch has a Membership Secretary and Heads interested in becoming a Member of IPSHA are encouraged to contact the Membership Secretary in their State.

All applications for membership are processed by the Executive Assistant, who would be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Laura Fries can be contacted on 0432 989 946 or via email at admin@ipsha.org.au.