IPSHA prayer

In 1998, the Federal Board, under the Chairmanship of Rosalie Ramsay, asked the Reverend Geoffrey Grimes,
Headmaster of the Preparatory School of The King’s School Parramatta,
to write a special JSHAA Prayer to be used at Association functions.
This prayer was first used at the opening Ecumenical Service at St.
Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne that year. Now known as the IPSHA Prayer, the text is as follows:

God of all wisdom
We acknowledge Your presence with us today.
We seek the inspiration of Your Spirit
and the light of Your understanding to guide us.

We thank you for those who have contributed
and will contribute to the fellowship
and the vision of this Association,
in times past, at the present and in the future.

We bring before You the deliberations of our meeting,
that we might be attentive to Your leading
and courageous in our following.

Young minds are so innocent —
Give us the wisdom to meet their needs.
Young hearts are so vulnerable —
Give us the love to embrace their uncertainties.
Young lives are so precious —
Give us the patience to treasure.
Young spirits are so fragile —
Give us the joy of seeing them grow.

May we, and all who serve you in the calling education,
bring to this great challenge the resources that only
You can provide.

We ask this in Your name. Amen.



This Grace was written by past Federal President, Sally Ruston, and is intended to give thanks for:

  •         the hands that have prepared the meal
  •         the collegiality we enjoy by sharing a meal
  •         the privilege we have in educating young minds

It is intended this Grace be said prior to the sharing of meals at meetings and conferences.

February 2017


God from whom all good things come

We humbly thank you as leaders in independent primary schools that we enjoy the privilege of making a positive difference in the lives of children.

As we come together to share this meal with our colleagues and friends; we give thanks for collegial support and mentoring. Such nurturing is integral to our sustenance and ongoing success.

We give thanks for all who have contributed to the success of this dinner/lunch.

We give thanks for food that sustains and enables us to work for good and for the relationships which are fostered around a shared table.

We pray for those in our world who go without and ask that you might make us generous with what we have.

Let us also be rightly thankful for the many blessings we enjoy, the warm IPSHA collegiality that is a constant in our leadership and for the inclusive friendships that we find so sustaining.

We ask this in your name