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Rocketeers Holiday Program

Last holidays, we launched our new holiday program – Rocketeers by Camp Australia. Directed by the children, informed by family feedback and designed by our dedicated holiday crew, Rocketeers is a space for children to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary during their school holidays.

We went big with the first Rocketeers mission and the feedback from parents and children has been fantastic. According to the feedback, the best part of Rocketeers were the friendships made and activities such as Rainbow Race, Bubble Soccer and Delicious Italian Cooking. Plus, the excursions to Trampoline Parks, Indoor Skydiving and Extreme Mini Golf. From nearly 400 families, parent satisfaction has increased by 18% from the summer holiday program.

Rocketeers has launched Mission II and, these holidays, expect the unexpected. Once again, our dedicated holiday crew have designed amazing experiences for Mission II. Plus, every child attending Rocketeers for the first time will receive an awesome merchandise pack for FREE. All children attending will also receive a Mission II iron-on badge and activity booklet.








Camp Australia is setting the standard in Outside of School Hours Care. We understand that not one size fits all, and we are here to provide a leading solution that encompasses your culture, diversity, and needs, as an extension of your school community – a service that you can truly call your own.

A true extension of your school and community, also supporting with school events, fund raising and orientation.

Engaging programs that include exciting and varied activities and components of your school’s curriculum.

A tailored model that offers a competitive return for your school whilst providing affordable care for your community.

An annual budget to invest back into your school’s facilities and community.

A dedicated qualified Coordinator to lead the team every day.

Child safety and security, our number one priority.

A dedicated team of experts that are always available for you.

If Your OSHC is of interest to your school, please let us know and one of our expert partnership team will be in contact to arrange a discussion.


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