Welcome to IPSHA Queensland

We exist for you our members!

Collegial and Professional Development Support for Heads of Primary

State Branch Goals 2016- 2018

  • Encouraging Primary School Heads membership
  • Fostering a climate of collegiality
  • Providing quality professional development
  • Preserving the history of IPSHA/JSHAA
  • Organising National Biennial Conference, Brisbane (2018) and the Queensland Refresher Weekend organisation (2019)
  • Developing working relationships with the Qld Deputies’ Collegiate
  • Extending IPSHA Contact/ Critical friends programme for new Primary School Heads
  • Pursuing partnerships with organisations that align with our goals including sponsorship partnerships


“School leaders across Australia are increasingly faced with challenges that impact daily on their health and wellbeing. In recognizing that every school needs a highly effective school leader, it is paramount that Heads of Primary are given the trust and support to lead their schools well” (APPA, 2017).

Our IPSHA Queensland Branch exists to support members with professional support, collegiality and quality professional development.

The IPSHA Qld Branch has established a credible reputation in providing quality professional learning to members and deputies of member schools at each term’s branch meetings. IPSHA also provides members with the option of attending a State Refresher or National conference biennially; and in 2018 a sponsored one day PD workshop on ‘Tough Conversation’. Our collegial support of each other as members and professional sharing of practice is another point of difference that is valued by active members.

All of our IPSHA Qld members have access to our Online Professional Learning Community where questions can be asked and resources shared by colleagues to gain the collective wisdom and experience of members throughout Queensland.

Northern Regional members can take advantage of the generous twice per year travel subsidies to attend Branch Meetings and financial support (by application) to attend the 2018 Biennial Conference, along with free registration to the IPSHA sponsored workshop. These financial supports are in place to address the tyranny of distance for northern Regional members. IPSHA Regional members can in fact receive a greater financial return on their initial membership fee investment!

For beginning Heads of Primary, IPSHA provides supports through an IPSHA Qld Critical Friend, A New Heads National Conference, and free registration to the 2018 IPSHA sponsored conference on Tough Conversations.

Our IPSHA Qld Branch wish to future proof our association and the role of Primary Headship by providing professional development and networking opportunities for deputies in IPSHA member schools. This is achieved through involvement in the IPSHA Deputy Collegiate and by extending invitations to Deputies to attend Branch Meeting professional development and conferences. We also value the support of sponsorship to achieve our association goals and provide services to our members. IPSHA members can also benefit through our representation and collaboration with other relevant education associations.

2018 is an exciting year for the IPSHA Qld Branch as we host the IPSHA Biennial National conference and we encourage members to take advantage of the local location and attend what is promised to be a professionally rewarding and enjoyable conference.

On behalf of our IPSHA Queensland Executive, we encourage you to make the most of your membership through your active, collegial involvement and take advantage of the many professional benefits our Queensland branch provides to its members.

Your network is your net worth!

Reference:  APPA, 2017, Back to Balance: How Policy and Practice Can Make Primary Principals Highly Effective